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Brand Innovation – Corporate Gifts and Promotinal items South Africa

Lately doing a lot of quickscans for SEO. And this time a company in South Africa making Corporate Gifts and Promotional items found me to do a quickscan.

They had a very clear request they needed a plan optimize their website for a  “Call to actions” Which is getting a Quote for ordering. In other words, they want to have visitor of the website to opt-in. Wanting visitors to request a quote is all about getting the information to appear at the right place. Think like a customer that is in a store.

What makes a customer wanting to buy a product or even just getting it out of the shelves?

If you understand what makes you visitors move on your website it, makes it easier to have them.

What CMS?

Knowing that the website is programmed in ASP.net didn’t make me happy. But yet i was curious because i could see the mistakes in the source code. it looked like the website was renewed but not with a clear strategy But visually it looked great and content wise it had all the features it needed.

more to come

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